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Re : Laurel

There is no record of the Marriage of William the Seemly is the six 
prefectures of Normandy. What I found was Emma, sister of Hugh Capet King of 
France 987-996 married Richard II Count of Rouen, Duke of Normandy no 
children. On the wrong side of the sheets Richard II (1) Papia had (1) Mauger 
Archbishop of Rouen 1037 removed from office 1054/55 for Simony and 
licentious (2) William of Arques

second set of Bastards by (2) Judith (1)Richard III duke 1026-1027 (2) Robert 
I (or II, if you count Rollon baptized name) The Magnificent duke 1027-1035 
and Aelis

Ref France as Le Moyen Age 987-1460 Georges Duby 1987 Hachette, Paris

Am in Normandy it is 20:23 now I have to be in Rouen at 15:00 tomorrow for 
flight to St Tropez if you need me to check anything for you in Rouen I can 
go before lunch. Caught a 2 kg 600g brown about 15 minutes ago it is a dirty 
life but some has to live it

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