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Re: AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [peter stout]

At 22:02 21/08/99 -0400, you wrote:
Author:   peter stout
Reply-to: mailto:natedawg@xtra.co.nz
Location: featherston NZ
Date:     Saturday, August 21, 1999

I am interested in Sinclair in Shetland, in particular with Stout connections, especially James Sinclair (b abt 1800) of Aithness, Bressay married Barbara Stout (1799-1879)5 April 1825 and had children Robert(b1827), Henry(b1830), William (b1832), James (b1835), Margaret Hay (b1840), Thomas (b1842)

I have no information on this particular family but, if you contact, Brian Smith, The Archivist at King Harald Street, Lerwick,
   Shetland, he may be able to give you some information or, at least, put you in touch with someone who can.

 It may interest you to know that Stout is quite a common name in Orkney.  I have not found the name in any of the early
Shetland records

 It stem from the Old Norse stoth which means stallion

Niven Sinclair

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