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>Could someone tell me what the following citation of a book pertaining to 
>have info on Prince Henry Sinclair is saying in english.  I got it from an 
>internet library catalogue, while searching many libraries for information 
>on SINCLAIR.  It seems to me to be a book published in the 1500's by 
>Niccolo Zeno.
>Rexdale, Ontario

For half-decent translations of almost anything into almost anything, try:

>Zeno, Niccolo, 1515-1565.
>De i commentarii del viaggio in Persia di M. Caterino Zeno il K. & delle 
>guerre fatte nell'imperio persiano, dal tempo di Vssuncassano in qua, libri 
>dve ; et Dello scoprimento dell'isole Frislanda, Eslanda, Engrouelanda, 
>Estotilanda, & Icaria, fatto sotto il polo artico, da due fratelli Zeni, M. 
>Nicolo il K. e M. Antonio, libro vno : con vn disegno particolare di tutte 
>le dette parte di Tramontana da lor scoperte. --
>In Venetia : Per Francesco Marcolini, 1558.

Here's what the most popular of those translators, Babelfish, makes of this:


De commentarii of the travel in Persia di M. Caterino Zeno K. & of the
wars made in the Persian imperio, from the time of Vssuncassano in here,
books dve; ET Of the scoprimento of the islands Frislanda, Eslanda,
Engrouelanda, Estotilanda, & Icaria, fact under the North Pole, from
two siblings Zeni, M. Nicolo K. and M. Antonio, book vno: with vn said
particular design of all the part of Tramontana from lor discovered --
In Venetia: For Francisco Marcolini, 1558.


Now, I don't speak Italian, but I do know Spanish and French, and I've spent
some time in Italy, so I can puzzle out some Italian.  In several places
there is also an antique v in place of a u.  We all know a bit of the subject
matter, so let's see if we can improve on the translation.


On the commentaries of the voyage in Persia of Mr. Caterino Zeno the K.
and of the wars made in the Persian empire, from the time of Ussuncassano
in which, book two;
and of the discovery of the islands Frislanda, Iceland,
Greenland, Estotiland, and Icaria, made near the North Pole, by the two
brothers Zeno, Mr. Nicolo the K. and Mr. Antonio, book one: with a
detailed map of all those parts of Tramontana that they discovered --
In Venice: by Francesco Marcolini, 1558.


* I don't know what the "il K." or "the K." is about; seems likely
to be a title of some sort.  Apparently Nicolo and Caterino were,
and Antonio was not, il K.

* Vssuncassano or Ussuncassano appears to be a person's name; I have
seen a reference to a life of an Ussuncassano.

* There's a Tramontana mountain range in Majorca (island off of Spain);
I don't know what that has to do with this.  Perhaps the name Tramontana
is being used metaphorically as an example of a faraway place.

Here's another book I just ran across:

    Lebrun, Henri. Abrégé de tous les voyages au Pôle nord : depuis
    Nicolo Zeno jusqu'au capitaine Ross (1380-1833). Bruxelles : Société
    nationale pour la propagation des bons livres, 1837.  G623 L427
    1837b Reserve

	Summary of all the voyages to the north pole, from
	Nicolo Zeno to Captain Ross (1380-1833).

>Rexdale, Ontario

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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