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Fwd: Rosslyn Castle

Can anyone answer Alex's question?

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>From: "Alex Meek" <zzbop@hotmail.com>
>To: rhuseth@ibm.net
>Subject: Rosslyn Castle
>Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 18:42:57 PDT
>Hi My name is Alex. I looked at your web site on Rosslyn Castle. It was 
>great! I stayed there as a boy once, and I am wondering if it still can be 
>rented. If it is and you know how would you please mail me back with a phone 
>number and info on the castle. My address is zzbop@hotmail.com
>                                  p.s.
>My grandfather rented from the Landmark Trust in Scotland but I couldn't 
>find any info about it on the net.

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