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Re: George IV or VI

>To clear matters up on this protracted subject:
>George IV was indeed the 6th Sinclair Earl of Caithness but the 44th Earl 


>As Keiss was the last named person, in the sentence referred to, It should
>have been perfectly obvious that the 'he' and 'him' referred to 'him' i.e.
>Keiss and not to Glenorchy who had been mentioned in the preceding sentence.

It was obvious to me, since I use the same rule.  However, there is
another rule that is widely disseminated in schools over here, which is
that such pronouns refer to the subject of the previous sentence if not
to the named subject of the present sentence.  I've had many discussions
on this topic with copyeditors of my books.

>I find it odd that I should be receiving lessons in English language from 
>anyone on other side of the pond whose frequent corruption of the syntax,
>spelling and pronunciation of the English language beggars comprehension.

I'll take that as a compliment. :-)

>Truly, we are two nations divided by a single language.


>			--------------------------------------------
>On a different subject.  Rosslyn Castle lies to the South East of the
>Chapel. The Friends of Rosslyn are having the whole area professionally
>surveyed so that the relationship of the Castle to the Chapel might
>be better understood.  The geographic contours of the terrain will
>also be depicted so that the placing of Monck's battery (for example)
>will be seen in its commanding position overlooking the Castle.

Looking forward to it.

>Niven Sinclair

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