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Isaac Sinclair--SC and NC?

Does anyone know anything about an Isaac Sinclair?  I have three land 
transfers where he bought and sold land.

The first dated:
14th August 1800 or 1803 or 1805
Spartanburg Co. SC Book K page 138
..."I John Brown of Spartanburg for $150.00 ....release to  Isaac Sinclar of 
Spartanburg........ tract of land situated in Spartanburg on the waters of 
Pacolate [Pacolet] River.
containing 300 acres"

2nd dated:
19th November 1800
Spartanburg Co. SC Book K page 442
..."I Isaac Sinkler of the State of North Carolina and Iredel 
County......release to Beven Patterson for 100.00 tract of land on Pacolate 
River containing 125 acres of the original 300 acres he bought from John 

3rd dated:
6th march 1809
Spartanburg co. Deek book M page 4
"...I Isaac Cincler of Iredel County of North Carolina ..sum of fifty dollars 
to me...paid by Garrett Patterson of Spartanburg District......part of a 
three hundred acre tract of lany lying...Pacolate River..containing 125 
acres...witness and signed...this 22 day of July 1805 and in the thirteenth 
year of American Independence..."

I don't know what came of the other 50 acres.

I don't see Isaac Sinclair, Cincler, Sinkler on any NC or SC census.
Just thought he might be connected to "my" John Sinclair of Union Co. SC.

Any help apprecitated,
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