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Re: sinclair

At 15:27 15/08/99 +0100, you wrote:
I just visted the Sinclair clan web site. And enrolled with you for subscription to the discussion group.My name is Paul    Russel Sinclair, I was born in Ancoats,Manchester, England. My father  was called Robert Sinclair, my mother was called Kath King. they both came from Salford, England.I was told that my grand father Joe Sinclair, was original from Wick, Scotland.
But that is where my bloodline ends (for now). I have 1 older brother Gary Robert Sinclair.
Paul Sinclair Stockport.UK.

Dear Paul of Stockport,

Contact Ian Sinclair, Manchester 0161 881 5055 or, as he is at the Clan Sinclair Centre in Caithness at the moment
on 01955 606700.  He'll help you to get on the right track.

Niven Sinclair