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Re: Fw: Sarah "Sinkler" dau. Richard "Sinkler" - Newmarket

<I have replied to Mari (sunskirt) off list.  Her search is for a descendant
of John of Exeter which I was able to locate for her.  Other information
about Sarah I do not have but referred her to the mids.org site for more
info and Links.  She has never posted on this list.  It was a re-post from a
roots-web Sinclair list.>


I forwarded 2 messages yesterday from the Rootsweb lists (one is the above
one).  Since RW setup additional mail lists, as well as Surname Resource
Centers, I have been trying to monitor them and get them over to this group.
I was approved for *listowner*/*surname resource manager* for a couple of
the St. Clair/Sinclair lists/resource boards.  I did this in hopes of
directing people to this group and web page.  I will be going back to add a
link to the Sinclair Web Page (the one from this mail list) and hopefully
people will be able to find this group.

So if you see more forwarded messages from either the St. Clair or Sinclair
mail lists at RW, please realize that this people probably are not on this
mail list as they were not aware of it and reply directly to them.

Amber (St. Clair)

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