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Another ignored NS event

    This is a bit off the subject, I admit but it illustrates how short
sighted Nova Scotia is.

Have you heard of Beryl Markham? She was raised in Kenya and following a
very interesting youth, became a pilot.  She was a contemporary of the
people in the movie "Our of Africa".  Anyway she was the FIRST person to
ever fly solo, nonstop from Abington, England to North America.  East to
West.  She crashed in a bog on the edge of Cape Breton ISland Sept 5th 1936
(as near as I can figure out ).
    When we were near Fort Louisburg we were finally able to find someone
that told us what road to take out to the crash site.  All we found were a
couple of houses of French fishermen and millions of mosquitoes.  No signs,
nothing to mark this event.
    Later outside of Halifax we just happened to stop for gas at the site of
the NS Aviation Museum and found one small newspaper clipping marking the
event.  The encyclopedia doesn't even say anything.
But my talking CD has this.  This CD is really a useful product!!

(markm)    Beryl. 1903-1986. British aviation pioneer who was the first
person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean from east to west (1936).

Excerpted from American Heritage Talking Dictionary
Copyright  1997 The Learning Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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>this is why I love this list...
> I sincerely appreciate the archeologist perspective but I have been a
>bit leary of officials since I met my first teacher...my history
>teachers drove me nuts - and I'm more than certain I returned the
> I don;t believe every word I see in print - I have a sometimes public
>profile and I have been misquoted and libelled more times that I can
>count - I have rarely seen an accurate portrayal of my motives - which
>many actively question...History is nothing but the perspective of the
>person who wrote it given the information they have access to...
> There has been next to no real archeology at any of the Sinclair sites
>in Nova Scotia - the provincial government says it never happened and
>won't spend a cent on it because the person in charge puts her money
>into Louisbourg and her other existing pet projects that generate
>revenue from French tourists...
> Their position is Henry never came here so why even think about it -
>then they spend $1.5 million on a site dedicated to a fictional Acadian
>character created by Longfellow...and PEI spends almost $5 million a
>year on Anne of friggin Green Gables...The only "site" that they have is
>the author's home and the pro shop on the Green Gables golf course...
> I wouldn't be surprised if there are lots more proven examples of
>pre-columbian exploration kicking about in private hands or the hands of
>the government - one they chose to ignore is actually on display in a
>Yarmouth Nova Scotia Museum - a stone carved by Lief Erikson in the year
>1007 which has been intrepeted to read "Lief to Eric raises (this
>monument)"...the stone was found near Yarmouth in 1812...
> Oak Island is the biggest demonstration of Government stupidity - the
>bureaucrat responsible for Culture and Heritage told me that "there is
>nothing of archeological value on Oak Island or at New Ross"...one
>interested professional archeologist inside the department told me -
>she's full of shit...
> So there you go...who to believe...well in the absence of any
>archeological study I prefer to keep an open mind...

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