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Re: A Canadian perspective - Pohl

this is why I love this list...

	I sincerely appreciate the archeologist perspective but I have been a
bit leary of officials since I met my first teacher...my history
teachers drove me nuts - and I'm more than certain I returned the

	I don;t believe every word I see in print - I have a sometimes public
profile and I have been misquoted and libelled more times that I can
count - I have rarely seen an accurate portrayal of my motives - which
many actively question...History is nothing but the perspective of the
person who wrote it given the information they have access to...

	There has been next to no real archeology at any of the Sinclair sites
in Nova Scotia - the provincial government says it never happened and
won't spend a cent on it because the person in charge puts her money
into Louisbourg and her other existing pet projects that generate
revenue from French tourists...

	Their position is Henry never came here so why even think about it -
then they spend $1.5 million on a site dedicated to a fictional Acadian
character created by Longfellow...and PEI spends almost $5 million a
year on Anne of friggin Green Gables...The only "site" that they have is
the author's home and the pro shop on the Green Gables golf course...

	I wouldn't be surprised if there are lots more proven examples of
pre-columbian exploration kicking about in private hands or the hands of
the government - one they chose to ignore is actually on display in a
Yarmouth Nova Scotia Museum - a stone carved by Lief Erikson in the year
1007 which has been intrepeted to read "Lief to Eric raises (this
monument)"...the stone was found near Yarmouth in 1812...

	Oak Island is the biggest demonstration of Government stupidity - the
bureaucrat responsible for Culture and Heritage told me that "there is
nothing of archeological value on Oak Island or at New Ross"...one
interested professional archeologist inside the department told me -
she's full of shit...

	So there you go...who to believe...well in the absence of any
archeological study I prefer to keep an open mind...

	I have just come home from a three hour search for the site I described
yesterday - 5 minutes from the centre of Halifax...it dwarfs the New
Ross Site - four foot high walls of a major building still exist, a four
hundred foot section of defensive wall, another smaller building, stone
steps and much more - a worthy I was questing with failed to find any
recognizeable geometry or markings but was over the top with excitement
none-the-less...we will return to the site on Saturday to digitally
photograph it and I will try to send them to John to post...

	I have no actually knowlege of archeology - it is my Sinclair interests
which are drawing me into the field (ha) and without such impetus - I
probably wouldn't have cared much about your informative notes on
aboriginal sites in North America...

	I don't think that establishing communications between Europeans and
the aboriginals means that the aboriginals didn't build these
sites...but there may have been influences...and I am certainly not
saying that the aboriginals were stupid and had no abilities - Europeans
certainly learned from this contact as well - as the Corn and Aloe
carvings in Rosslyn indicate...

	So I do want to say something about your informative notes: I learned
much from them that I didn't know... and that's always a good thing...

		so thank you...
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