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Ancestors? of William Sinclair/Sinkler.

Kay & Lynn, it seems my info. is tainted. I thought it reliable when I sent 
it to you. I am sending one last family generation for your reveiw. Even if 
they are not your direct bloodline, it makes for interesting reading. 
However, your grandmother's homespun stories seem to point out this info. may 
be correct. If it is, then your William's great great great garndfather was 
George Sinclair, 4th. Earl of Caithness. Born 1533 @ Dunbeath, Caithness, he 
was the son of John (Earl Caithness) and Elizabeth Sutherland. Goerge died 9 
September, 1582 @ Edinburgh, and was buried in Roslin Chaple. Earl George 
married Elizabeth Graham, the daughter of Earl Willaim Montrose. Issue as 
1. John (Master of Caithness) Sinclair
2. William (of Mey) Sinclair
3. George (of Mey) Sinclair
4. Barabara Sinclair
5. Elizabeth Sinclair
6. Janet Sinclair
7. F.N.U. Sinclair
Earl George served in the King's privy council. He was Justiciary of northern 
Scotland. He was a supporter of Mary, Queen of scots. On the evening when 
James Rizzo was murdered, George and other supporters stomed into Holyrood 
palace to resuce their Queen. He later helped Mary and Lord Darnley escape to 
Dunbar Castle. George seved as the jury foreman of the trail that found James 
Bothwell innocent in Darnley's murder in 1567. 
I hope that some of this has helped instead of sending you two down the wrong 
trail. I have read several stories and records about the Sinclair family, 
most of them do not agree. I have encountered several stumbling blocks 
researching my own tree. Someday, when you are standing in the old crumbling 
courtyard of Girnigoe Castle, you will FEEL a part of the mighty Sinclairs.
Donald Sinclair (Indy)
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