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Great great grandfather of William Sinclair

The great great grandfather of your immigrant William Sinclair was, John 
(Master of Caithness) Sinclair. John was b. bef.1543 in Caithness. He married 
Jean Hepburn, she was b. abt. 1566. Issue as follows;
1. George (Earl Caithness) b.abt 1570 d. 1643.
2. James (of Murkle) Sinclair b. abt.1580.
3. John (of Ratter) Sinclair b. abt. 1580 d. after 1620.
4. Agnes Sinclair b. abt. 1580.
5. David Sinclair b. abt. 1580. He married Barabara Sinclair in 1640 @ Reay, 
Scotland. She was b. abt. 1600, the daughter of George (of Downreay/Durran) 
6. Henry Sinclair b. abt. 1580 d. 1614. Henry was a "natural" son to John, by 
a lady unother than his wife, Jean. Henry was granted land in neighboring 
Borrowston & Lybster. He became a farmer and a fisherman. Henry later became 
Executive officer of Caithness, Strathenover, and Sutherland. In 1614 Henry 
led a force of 100 soldiers to Orkney, where he fell sick with numbness and 
died while sieging Kirkwall Castle. 
Master John was often at odds with his father, Earl George. One such occasion 
involved the Murrays and MacKays, whom John sided with in a dispute. This so 
angered Earl George, That John had to seek refuge with the MacKays for an 
extended time. However the desire to renew family bonds caused John to visit 
Earl George, who had John thrown into the dungeon at Girnigoe Castle. There 
John was fed salted beef, but given nothing to slake his thirst. This turned 
John into a madman. Some stories say he was poked and teased while in 
captivity, until he rose and strangled a man with the chains that bound his 
hands. John died at Girnigoe. My wife and I visited Girnigoe castle in June 
this year. The seas of Sinclair's bay were crashing into the rocky cliffs, it 
was raining, and the wind was fierce. Seabirds now nest in the walls of the 
one time home of our family. I was standing in the courtyard thinking of 
Master John and Earl George, and how life was in the 16th. century.
Kay, most of this info. comes from the book, Descendants of George Sinclair, 
4th. Earl Caithness for Ten Generations. Does anyone know if the book is 
still available for "cousins" Lynn & Kay from the Clan Sinclair U.S.A?
Donald Sinclair (Indy)
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