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Re: America's Stonehenge

Hey all,

Gary I like this but we should keep in mind the Mound Builders myth.  The 
Europeans that settled here just couldn't believe that the primitive 
animal-like natives built these incredibly massive dirt structures so the 
"lost tribe of Israel", "vikings", etc. had to have constructed them.

Just because the natives in the area did not build every day structures with 
stone doesn't mean that they wouldn't use stone for ceremonial sites.  The 
Woodland Period Indians were exceptionally bright and were outstanding 
astronomers.  Crops, migration patterns, and more were based on a calendar 
derived from their astronomical observations.

I'll bet money the pottery found at the site is typical Middle to Late 
Woodland types.  The dates fit very well.

Sorry, I'm better now that I've had my archaeology attack for the day :)  I 
do like this site though (both the henge and the web site.)  I had never 
seen pictures of this before.  I would love to see it in person.  Thank you 
for sharing it,  Darwin

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>Here is a site related to the North America Stonehenge in Salem New 
>Gary M. Sinclair

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