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Tartans Register

I have found a very useful Tartans Register on the Internet.  It is at
"www.tartans.scotland.net", and allows a variety of searches, and has a
good range of the Sinclair Tartans with their history.  More interesting
yet is that there are three Norwegian Tartans!  There are two
Gudbrandsdalen Tartans, (search for "Tartan Search" - "Gudbrandsdalen") one
of which is worn by our friends from Otta "Gudbrandsdalen Rondastakken",
with their provenance, and a Romsdal Tartan with reference to the Scottish
Battle of 1612.  It is well worth a visit.

If you "right click" with your mouse in Windows 95 you can make a Sinclair
Tartan your desktop wallpaper!

Yours aye 

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