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Sinclair Gathering 2000

Dear all

Sinclair Gathering 2000 (25 July to 3 August)

Many of you will be aware that John Thurso and I have planned a large
Gathering next year starting in London with a reception in the House of
Lords and then going to Caithness via Edinburgh to see the unique Rosslyn
Chapel. You need to make your own travel arrangements to the UK and home.
When you arrive in London go to the Central Park Hotel, Bayswater.

The proposed programme is as follows:

Tuesday 25 July             Transport to and from Parliament
                                         Reception in the evening at House
of Lords
                                         Stay Central Park Hotel, Bayswater
plus continental breakfast
Wednesday 26 July       Transport to and from Parliament
                                         Tour of Parliament
                                         Transport to Station
                                         Train London/Edinburgh
                                         Transport from Station to Hotel
                                         Stay Capital Moat Hotel plus full
Thursday 27 July             Transport all day
                                          Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh Castle
                                          Lunch at Harry Ramsdens
                                         Stay Capital Moat Hotel plus three
course dinner and breakfast
Friday 28 July                  Bus trip Edinburgh to Caithness
                                          Stay in Caithness six nights inc.
Wed 2 August
Saturday 29 July             Transport to and from Halkirk Games
                                          Picnic lunch in Sinclair Tent
Sunday 30 July                Transport to and from Church service
Monday 31 July               Transport all day
                                          Visit to castles and ancient
Tuesday 1 August           Transport all day
                                          Visits to Distillery, Glass
Factory, Cheese Factory
Wednesday 2 August     Transport all day
                                           Formal Clan Meeting
                                           Visit to Castle of Mey
                                           Formal farewell dinner
Thursday 3 August           Disperse

The total estimated cost for the above is 630.00 (six hundred and thirty
pounds sterling) per person for those sharing a room and there is a 50
(fifty pounds)supplement for a single person in a double room.

Further visits including to Orkney can be arranged on Thursday 3 and Friday
4 if people want them but there will be additional costs for these.

We can hold the very attractive prices provided we pay a deposit for the
rooms that we have reserved in the hotels by mid September this year with
the balance by mid June next year. The demand for hotel space in London and
Edinburgh next year is already intense. Thus all of you who want to come on
this great and unique occasion need to confirm their intentions and pay a
deposit of 65 (sixty five pounds sterling) to either Mary Selver in New
Hampshire or Rory Sinclair in Toronto by September 15.
Alternatively you can send the deposit cheque or draft to me made payable to
Sinclair 2000 also by September 15.

I look forward to seeing many of you when I am in the States next month and
also to welcoming you to the Gathering next year.

Malcolm Caithness
Clan Chief

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