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Quick overview

Hi Donald,

Just a quick note to give you the outline of how I think (after many hours 
research and certificate checking etc etc) the three earlier generations 
go...  There was a mistake on one of the death certificates that jumped a 
generation on the mother's side! Anyway, I've got a lot of possibilities to 
chase up for taking it further back than this, which is exciting!

But you must be getting pretty excited about leaving for your trip! 
:):)  and seeing Mary again!
I've spoken to John Sinclair up in Indooroopilly (Queensland) and he had 
his 80th birthday last Sunday!

Take care and keep in touch!
Warm wishes to all your family
Margaret :)

George SINCLAIR married Elizabeth MCKAY
       George Sinclair Feb 28 1761
       William Sinclair        April 12 1762
       John Sinclair   December 11, 1763

George SINCLAIR married Christian HENDERSON on 30 October 1781 in Halkirk
b. 28 Feb 1761 Halkirk             b. 21 June 1761
       Andrew Sinclair Sept 22 1782
       Janet Sinclair  Aug 23 1785
       George Sinclair Nov 5 1786 (died young)
       George Sinclair Oct 23 1791
       John Sinclair           Jun 28 1794
       Catherine Sinclair      May 5 1798

George SINCLAIR married Barbara GUNN on 15 December 1815
b. 23 Oct 1791            b. Oct 22 1790
d. 14 Jul 1877                    d. 14 Apr 1863

       Janet Sinclair  Nov 29 1820 (appears to have married a William 
       George Sinclair Dec 6 1822 (died young)
       George Sinclair June 10 1824 (too many possibilities to determine)
       David Sinclair  Jan 4 1829 (appears to have married a Janet MACADIE)
       Andrew Sinclair Nov 16 1832 (married Charlotte Calder)

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