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RE: hello, cousins!

TO: Constance Sinclair

The following is what I have on those SINCLAIR you are researching. Not 
quite up-to-date to what I have added by hand to my binder,  which (when I 
have free time) I will input into my database.

Rexdale, Ontario

Donald1 SINCLAIR. He married Sarah SINCLAIR. They had 8 children:
	493.	M	i.	Donald SINCLAIR, born 1834 in Scotland. He married Mary SINCLAIR 
11 Apr 1864 in Knox Church, Owen Sound, Grey County, Ontario. She was born 
1845 in Scotland. She was the daughter of Archibald SINCLAIR and Sarah 
SINCLAIR.  Donald died before 1932.
	494.	F	ii.	Clara SINCLAIR, born 1841 in Isla, Scotland. She married Angus 
GRAHAM 15 Jun 1864 in Derby. He was born 1836 in Argyly, Scotland. He was 
the son of Angus GRAHAM and Marion.  Notes for Clara:
					RESIDENCE: Sonora, California, United States.
	+ 495.	M	iii.	Alexander SINCLAIR, born 1845, died 1932.
	496.	M	iv.	 ________ SINCLAIR, died before 1932.
	497.	M	v.	 ________ SINCLAIR, died before 1932.
	498.	M	vi.	 ________ SINCLAIR, died before 1932.
	499.	M	vii.	 ________ SINCLAIR, died before 1932.
	500.	M	viii.	 ________ SINCLAIR, died before 1932.
 NOTES for Donald:
Arrived in Canada in 1855.

495. Alexander2 SINCLAIR (Donald1) was born 1845 in Islay, Scotland. He was 
the son of Donald SINCLAIR and Sarah SINCLAIR. Alexander died 1932, at the 
age of 87, and was buried in Greenwood Cem.  He married Annie MacLACHLAN 5 
May 1870 in Glenalg. She was born 1847 in Finch. She was the daughter of 
Alexander MacLACHLAN and Sarah CAMPBELL. Annie died 1926, at the age of 79, 
and was buried in Greenwood. They had 5 children:
	501.	M	i.	Angus B. SINCLAIR.
					RESIDENCE: 1920 - Sault Ste. Marie.
	502.	M	ii.	Alex SINCLAIR, Doctor.
					OCCUPATION: Doctor.
	503.	F	iii.	 ________ SINCLAIR. She married R/P. R. WITHERSPOON.  Notes 
for  ________ Sinclair:
					RESIDENCE: Kilsyth.
	504.	F	iv.	 ________ SINCLAIR. She married A. A. LEARIE.  Notes for 
 ________ Sinclair:
					RESIDENCE: London  1920 - Winnipeg.
	505.	F	v.	Ruby SINCLAIR. She married Wm. C. TRULSON 7 Jul 1925 in Moose 
Jaw, Saskatchewan.  Notes for Ruby:
					RESIDENCE: Toronto.
 NOTES for Alexander:
Immigrated 1856  Bee? 1916 Kilsyth  RESIDENCE: Derby.

Archibald1 SINCLAIR. He married Sarah SINCLAIR.
They had 1 child:
F	i.	Mary SINCLAIR, born 1845 in Scotland. She married Donald SINCLAIR 11 
Apr 1864 in Knox Church, Owen Sound, Grey County, Ontario. He was born 1834 
in Scotland. He was the son of Donald SINCLAIR and Sarah SINCLAIR. Donald 
died before 1932.

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Hello again, cousins! And thank you for your notes of encouragement when a 
crash intercepted my message and I wasn't sure what had gotten through. So 
I'll start from the beginning as I know it.
    My gg grandfather was Donald Sinclair, born about 1800 on Islay, Sco  
tland. He married Sarah Sinclair, born abt 1806 on Islay, Scotland, 
apparently not a blood relative, on January 27, 1829. (I have written to 
Neil and Toni that this was a cousin- but in rechecking my files found that 
this was an error.) They had seven sons and one daughter all born on Islay, 
near the parish of Kilchoman:
    John T. Sinclair abt.1824-1914
    Archibald Sinclair abt. 1827-1920
    Donald Sinclair abt 1834-1911
    Neil Sinclair abt 1837-1906
    Flora Bell Sinclair 1841-1936
    Duncan Sinclair 1843-1926
    Alexander Sinclair 1845-1932
    Malcolm Sinclair abt 1851

    In the early 1850s, the three oldest sons emigrated to Ontario to 
prepare the way and earn money to bring over the rest of the family. The 
rest of the family sailed over in 1854. The journey took seven weeks and 
the father became ill and died on the journey and was buried at sea. My g 
grandfather was the son Donald Sinclair. He homesteaded in Ontario (as did 
the others) near Sullivan Township where he was known as "Honest Donald". 
The barn that he built on the homestead is still in use there.
    Meanwhile, another Sinclair family emigrated from Scotland. The father 
was Archibald Sinclair, born abt 1811, who was married to Mary, born about 
1811(maiden name unknown). They had six children:
Catherine Sinclair born abt 1837
Archibald born abt 1843
John Sinclair born abt 1845
Mary Sinclair born 1848
Flory Sinclair born abt 1849
and unnamed girl Sinclair born abt 1851.
    At some time after the 1851 census, they emigrated to Ontario also. The 
daughter Mary was apparently a cousin of my g grandfather Donald. I do not 
know which of the parents is related to whom.
    On April 11, 1864, son Donald Sinclair from the first family married 
the dau Mary Sinclair of the second family in Canada (Ontario). They had 
six children:
Annie Sinclair b. abt 1867
Mary Sinclair abt 1868
Sarah Sinclair abt 1871
Archibald Johnston Sinclair 1878-1963
Donald "Daniel Alexander" Sinclair 1884-1962
Flora Bell "Laura" Sinclair 1891-1977

    Donald Sinclair, known as Dan, or "Donald's Donald", was my 
grandfather. He married Margaret "Madge" McColl Spears and had 9 children, 
the first of whom was adopted:
George Parkhurst, Donald William Dryden Sinclair, Gordon Sinclair, Robert 
"Robin"Sinclair, Mary SInclair, Annie Sinclair, Cecil Sinclair , Stanley 
Sinclair, and
Cameron Sinclair.
    Cameron Sinclair is my dad, and he moved to the US and became a 
naturalized citizen, and  I was born here.
    I am very excited to hear of such an interest in the Argyll Sinclairs 
(as most of you probably know, the Isle of Islay is off Argyll and 
considered part of it). My family stories say that the family was "Highland 
Scotch" and all spoke Gaelic. I would be so excited to make connections and 
find Scottish-origin cousins, and to put together some of the family 
history back in the "old country".
                                                Sincerely,     Constance 

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