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Books, books, books......

  Two excellent books will be hitting the bookshops this month and they are 
a must for all Sinclair
  aficionados.  Both books are by Canadian authors and are natural 
corollaries to Frederick Pohl's
  "Prince Henry Sinclair";  to Michael Bradley's "The Holy Grail Across the 
Atlantic" and his "Grail
   Knights of North America"; to Andrew Sinclair's "The Sword and the 
Grail"; to Laurence Gardiner's
  "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" and, of course, to that international 
best-seller "The Holy Blood and
   the Holy Grail" by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln.

   The two new books are:

			"The Sinclair Saga" by Mark Finnan

			It is being published by Formac Publishing and is being distributed
			by Formac Distribution of:

					5502 Atlantic Street,
					Nova Scotia B3H 1G4
					tel: (902) 421 7022
					fax: (902) 425 0166
					e-mail: formac@ns.sympatico.ca

					Contact: Steven Slater
			"The Labyrinth of the Grail" by Bill Mann which is being published and
			distributed by Laughing Owl Publishers Inc.

					12610 Hwy 90 West,
					Grand Bay, AL 36541
					e-mail: lopmktdept@juno.com
					or visit their web site on www.laughingowl.com
					and read the first chapter of Bill's enthralling book.

					Contact: Aleta Boudreaux

We will be selling copies of both of these books from our tent at the 
Halkirk Highland Games in Caithness,
Scotland on Saturday 31st July, 1999 and, thereafter, through the Sinclair 
Centre at Noss Head: Contact
Ian Sinclair: tel 44 161 881 5055 fax: 44 161 881 1546 

Ian has also a few remaining copies of Andrew Sinclair's "The Sword and the 
Grail"; of Richard White's
"The Sword of the North" and of Frederick Pohl's "Prince Henry 
Sinclair".  These books are no longer in
print and, after Ian's small stock has been cleared, will be unavailable.

Good reading.

Niven Sinclair

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