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Re: Dugald Sinclair [1777-1870] Baptist minister of Lochgilphead who sailed toOntario in 1831 with 1/2 his flock!

Hi Juli,  I was off-line for a few days, or I would have replied earlier.

Here is the information in Donald Whyte's  "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants
to Canada Before Confederation"

SINCLAIR, Rev. Dugald, 25 May, 1777 - 18 Oct. 1870. From Lochgilphead or 
Ardrishaig, Arg.  brother of Donald Sinclair, qv.  To Quebec, probably on the Deveron, 1831;  settled Lobo Township, Middlesex Co., Ont. and was active in Kent County.  Baptist preacher and leader of a group of emigrants.  Married Christina Sinclair, qv.  Children:  Dugald, 1826-92; Maria Donalda, 1828-80; John, 1829-59; Malcolm, 1831-45; Rev. Colin b. 1834; Mary Ann, b. 1836; Rev. Archibald, b. 1838; Duncan, b. 1840.

His sons Dugald and John are also there:

SINCLAIR, Dugald, 1826-12 May, 1892.  From Ardrishaig, Arg., son of Rev. Dugald and Christina.  To Lobo Twp, Middlesex Co., Ontario 1831, married Flora McCowan, 1827-88.  children:  Margaret M. b. 1855, Malcolm, b. 1858,  Christina Isabella
b. 1860.

SINCLAIR, John, 17 July, 1829-6 Dec. 1879.  From Ardrishaig, Arg. son of Rev D. and C.  To Lobo .....farmer.  Registrar of Deeds, Lambton County, 1876-79.  Married Mary, daughter of Duncan McKellar, and Elizabeth Rothwell.  Children:
Alexander Edward, b. 1860; DMary Ann, 1862-95; christina, 1873-99; Katherine M. 1865-1900; Elizabeth Jane, b. 1868; Alice; Emma.

I'm listing all of this information, because I know Rick Sinclair on this list
is also interested in Sinclairs in Middelsex County (especially a Richard S., and Archibald S., who was supposed to be the original settler of that area in 1826.
Perhaps Archibald was the drawing card for the next wave in 1831.  A connection?    Rick, are you still with us?  Can you make a connection with Juli's information?

I've seen the name "Maria Donalda Sinclair" in other information I have, but it's on paper.  that means A LOT of reading tonight. I'll let you know what I've


PS in your next message, you wrote 3 brothers went to Yakima ....  Are these brothers of the Rev. Dugald, or his sons, or 3 entirely different brothers? 
The names don't coincide.


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