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Subject: Bu, Beu, Bews

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 13:46:05 +0100
From: Niven Sinclair <niven@niven.co.uk>
Subject: Bu, Beu, Bews

Thanks, Rory, a much more likely explanation.  There is also the great  bu'

hall at Orphir.



In Norwegian "bu" means "booth" or "stall".  It frequently appears in place
names in Southern Norway where the home farm of the 12th Century Jarl of
Orkney Ragnvald Kale Kolssøn is to be found, e.g. Strømsbu (the Streams
Stall) Barbu (Bare Stall).  This may also be a source of the name.

Yours aye

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