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Missing Sinclairs.

To who ever this may interest in Sinclair land.
Would anyone have any knowledge about the following, or their descendants?
Phillip Sinclair, born 16th Nov. 1798 in Guernsey. Died at Inverness.
Archibald Sinclair, born on board the Alligator Transport, 11th Feb. 1801.
Margaret Sinclair, born Ellensburgh 12th Feb. 1806. Sailed to Australia on the Palmyra 1839.
Donald Sinclair, born Amcely Barracks 6th June 1810.
Euphemia Sinclair, born Dundee 13th Aug. 1815. Sailed to Australia on the Palmyra 1839. Married John Bryan. Daughter Margaret, born Epsom, near Bendigo, Vic. 1856.
Jean Sinclair, born Oban 15th Feb. 1821. Sailed to Australia on the Palmyra 1839.
Two brothers, John and William Sinclair, also sailed to Australia in 1839. Their descendants are well documented.
The parents of all the above are Archibald, born Oban 5th Jan. 1775, died 8th Aug. 1837, and Jean (McDonald), died 'Farnach', Melfort, 27th May, 1837.
Any information gratefully received. Please reply to jsmci@cnl.com.au or the List.
John Sinclair McIntyre.