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new Sinclair genealogy list


As you are all aware, for quite some time there has been intermittent
discussion about possibly splitting off a separate genealogy-only list.
It appears that we finally have sufficient interest for this to happen.
And even more than the interest, we have a volunteer who has not only
set up such a list; he has also agreed to moderate it.

Gary M. Sinclair is known to all of you as a participant in the
discussion list, for his web pages about the Sinclairs of Grafton
and as a commissioner of Clan Sinclair U.S.A.

I salute Gary on his bravery in undertaking this task.
(And I thank him for doing it, because this means I won't have to. :-)

To subscribe to the new Sinclair Genealogy List, use this URL:
There is also a link to that URL from
which you can find from Genealogy List in
This new list is moderated, which means its members submit messages
to the moderator, Gary M. Sinclair.  The moderator then approves
the message and sends it on to the subscribers, or not.  Moderation
should eliminate chatter and inappropriate messages and provide focus
on the single topic of genealogy.  I'm sure Gary will further define
the new list as it develops.

The Sinclair Discussion list remains as it has always been; see
It remains open to whatever topics its members desire, including
history, genealogy, groups, families, pictures, publications, events,
places, etc.

Each style of list has its own uses.  I subscribe to both lists.
I recommend that you try both and see which one or both suit
your needs.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>

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Well her it is the Sinclair Genealogy list.  I would appreciate it if you
would put it up as an announcement on the site and the list.

It is for the free exchange of and search for genealogy.  I expect it to
start very slowly but all things take time.  The URL for subscription is


If the list does not work out, well at least I tried.  Please also forward
this to Lena as her input would be appreciated.

List will be moderated and topic will be genealogy only (searches, requests
for help, those with books to offer will be allowed to advise over the list)

Wish us luck, I think it may be a good addition to the existing list and web

Yours Aye,

Gary M. Sinclair

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