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Re : Dates


There is confusion about Dates

Official dates have Long Sword dieing in 942 other offical Dates have him 
born in 927 the effigy is of a middle aged man showing a aging face deep with 
wrinkles.  Rollo born "Officialy" 863 just as "Officialy" 855

I am back in Normandy on thursday you questions must be answered please 
renumerate them.  The narrowing and deeping of the Seine Rollo accomplished 
over a thousand years ago still has parts in service I am flabergasted the 
force of this man personality can still be felt even his scant mortal remains 
had to be preserved.  Richard Couer de Lion did not. He left his kingdom and 
it was a kingdom Bi Got to his Viking wife progeny. He left nothing to his 
French wives (2) children

J R Carpenter I remenbed you in the Cathedral of Our Lady


PS Do I respond to Sinclair@jump.net or as above?
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