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Reply to Mark Anderson

We may be "cousins". My great great great grandfather (William
Sinclair, b 1793 @ Hempriggs House)married Henrietta Dunbar Sutherland
in America's state of Pensylvania about 1810. Hempriggs House is now a
pensioners home, but one can see it must have been an impressive estate
in it's day. As I was wandering through the overgrown plantings in the
forgotten garden I happened to come face to face with a deer. I think I
may have been more startled than he. The old trees along the lane
leading to the house are gnarled and filled with crows, who sounded my
arrival. I had always thought Hempriggs House was a village, since it
has it's own spot on the map. The greatest reward during my eventful
trip to Scotland was learning that Hempriggs was an estate that was
still standing.

Donald Sinclair
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