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Re: emphasis on Norman history

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Subject: emphasis on Norman history

>Dear Cousins,
>    I confess to being the instigator of so many questions concerning the
>Norman years and transition (titles) into Scotland.  The reason for this
>emphasis is that I'm trying to gather every piece of significant history to
>help piece together this foundation of ALL our ancestry that is being
>presented in a 4 part series in the Yours Aye.  I wanted to keep these in
>chronological order to help people see the continuity and flow of history.
>I know it is making some of you anxious about getting facts about another
>period that concerns or interests you more.  Please bear with me and we
>get through this together.  More contemporary articles will appear next
> I have had to revise the last article 3 or 4 times as more comes in and
>what I thought was true, needs to be changed completely.  I don't fool
>myself into thinking that what will be in print and on the Clan website
>be the last word.  I think it will be the duty of all to report any new or
>old research that comes along that provides new insight or new facts so
>we can update the website.  We don't want to  keep adding layer after layer
>of misinformation if we can find the facts.  There will be times that I
>give you 2 or more versions of a story so that you can see where we are in
>our knowledge. In this case.  I will not, from this distance of history,
>make a judgement about what is fact or fiction.
>    I feel that there is a goodly chunk that is missing or that someone
>hasn't sent me yet.  It concerns the interaction of the St. Clairs with the
>Capets.  I have just little pieces of sentences that hint at intrigues and
>wonderful stories that would explain the actions of the St Clairs, maybe.
>    Once years ago, I read that Edward the Exile's son was born in Hungary.
>That was all there was in the book.  I just couldn't understand how an
>Englishman got to Hungary?  Many of you know that story (sort of) and see
>that behind a few words is a list of relationships that are entangled in
>story, Queen Emma (St. Clair). Battle of Hastings, William the Seemly,
>Malcolm Canmore, etc., so too, with Hugh Capet the Great probably beginning
>with his father's generation.
>I do agree with you that it feels like we are belaboring the subject right
>now.  It is really very possible that we don't descend from Rollo or some
>his descendants at all.  Since there were few women around and many men,
>can say who the father really was any more than one can really prove today
>that every male in their line was really their ancestor.  But these
>offspring were recognized by the community and raised with the rights and
>titles as if they really were the sons of the Dukes thus they are a product
>of their environment and contributed heavily to the historical records of
>those times.  So how much we can rely on our BLOOD being so great and
>is a debateable subject.  (My opinion)  I don't think that Blood makes a
>person great.  It is how on we conduct ourselves and the moral choices that
>we make that produces either commendable citizens or warts on society.
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