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Extracts--Colonial Soldiers of Virginia

I do not connect to these, but others may.  No St. Clairs in the database.

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List of the Colonial Soldiers of Virginia
page 78
Sinclair (Cinclair, Sinclare), John, H. B., 1752-58, 374; Va. Mag., 1, 378; 
Wash. Mss., 112, 88. 

List of the Colonial Soldiers of Virginia
page 78
Sinclair, Peter, H. S., 7, 212.

data from:

Since the first settlers landed in Jamestown in 1607, Virginia was largely a 
military colony and remained such for many years. This database is a listing 
of men who served in the colonial militia from those early years as a mere 
settlement up until the early 1770s. It was compiled in 1913 from sources 
available to the author in the Virginia State Library. Researchers will find 
the name of soldier and the reference in the original work where the record 
was found. Containing the names of over 6000 men, it can be an extremely 
helpful resource for those seeking colonial Virginia ancestors. 
Extended Description:
List of references used in this database: 
Adam Stephen Ps.: Adam Stephen Papers. (Manuscript collection in the Library 
of Congress.) 
Aug. Rec.: Abstracts from the Records of Augusta County. By Lyman Chalkley. 3 
vols. Rosslyn, Virginia, 1912. 
D.W.: R.G. Thwaites's Dunmore's War. Madison, Wisconsin, 1905. 
F.I.B.W.: French and Indian Bounty Warrants. 2 manuscript volumes. Copied 
from the loose applications for land bounties in the Virginia land office. 
(In the Virginia Historical Society Library.) 
H.B.: Journals of the House of Burgesses. Successive volumes from 1740 to 
1776. Published by the Virginia State Library. 
H.D.M. (followed by year): Journal of the House of Delegates, May session, 
from 1776 on. 
H.D.O. (followed by year): Journal of the House of Delegates, October 
session, from 1776 on. 
Hist. of Frederick: History of Frederick County. (T.K. Cartmell's Shenandoah 
Valley Pioneer and their Descendants. Winchester, 1909.) 
Hist. Orange: W.W. Scott's History of Orange County, Virginia. Richmond, 
Hist. Rockin