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Sinclair Extracts--Missouri

I was searching through an Audrain County database and found the following 
Sinclair data.  Thought I would pass it on in case it helps someone, and for 
our database effort. Hopefully, the following will come through even though I 
pasted from the website to this note.  URL: 
http://www.ancestry.com/ancestry/search/3927.htm  This is currently in the 
free access area of ancestry.com.

Chris Melahn

Audrain County, Missouri Obituaries, 1885-1903
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Last Name   First Name  Age or DOB  Date of Death   Date of Issue
Sinclair           Mrs. Jesse   # KY              31 Jul 1890    
Sinclair             Robert May. 1815 # TX     2 Jun 1895             6 Jun 
Sinclair             Jesse       # TX                     10 Jan 1902    
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Located in central Missouri, Audrain County was created in 1836 and was home 
to over 20,000 persons at the turn of the century. This database is a 
collection of obituaries taken from the Mexico Intelligencer, published in 
the county seat of Mexico. In addition to providing the decedent's name and 
date of death, it reveals the person's age or date of birth. As with many 
rural newspapers, it includes the names of many who people who lived in 
surrounding counties, making this a valuable source of information regarding 
Missouri residents. It contains over 5400 names. For those seeking Missouri 
ancestors, this can be a helpful collection. 
Extended Description:

Weant, Kenneth, ed. Audrain County, Missouri, 5419 Deaths Reported in The 
Mexico Intelligencer. [database on-line] Orem, UT: Ancestry, Inc., 1999.