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Sinclairs and the Rex Dues

I originally sent this query to Niven because its a bit off topic. I couldn't
get a reply perhaps Niven has a filter set up. So I've reposted to the list,
please excuse the fact that it may be slightly off topic and of interest to me

I've just been having a look at Tim Wallace Murphy's recent book on Rosslyn and
in it he mentions the Rex Deus families and that fact that they met at Rosslyn
up until the eighteenth century. I wonder if you have ever come across the Rex
Dues families in your research on the Sinclair family. I would appretiate any
information on this. 

TWM also states that the Rex Dues families were/are closely aligned with the
Stuart cause. I remember from previous communications that you personally think
that many of the Stuarts were a disaster for Scotland and possibly for the
Sinclair family. How do you reconcile the fact that the Sinclairs were and
remained (as far as Knight and Lomas and TWM are concerned) a Rex Dues family
but suffered under the Stuarts.

I am also interested in researching the Montgomery family and have heard that a
Hugh Montgomery was writing a book about the Montgomery family and the Order of
the Fleur de Lys. Do you have a knowledge of this book or can you recommend any
reading on the Montgomery family.

Many thanks for your time Niven and for the effort that you put into the
Sinclair list.


John Duguid