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AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [John Edward [Jack] Stockman]

Author:   John Edward [Jack] Stockman 
Reply-to: mailto:jstockman2@worldnet.att.net
Location: Mill Creek, WA U.S.A.
Date:     Sunday, August 15, 1999

I descend, it now appears, from Alexander Sinclair, who came to America in 1698, through my grt-grt-grandfather Robert Sinclair, b. 25 Feb 1819 Ohio, d. 20 Feb 1901 (Alexandria?), Leavenworth Co., Kansas; m. c.1842 Eleanor Hinshaw, dau. of Joseph Hinshaw and Sarah Ratcliff, b. 1827 Jefferson Twp., Clinton Co., Ohio, d. aft 1855. Ch: 1) Asa, b. 19 Oct 1843; 2) Louisa, b. c.1845; 3) Lavina (my grt-grandmother), b. 1 May 1846 Marion, Grant Co., Ind., d. 1 Aug 1909 Denver, m. 3 Sep 1873 Springdale, Leavenworth Co., Kansas, Hugh Nesbitt C(r)osgrove, son of John Crosgrove and Sarah Nesbitt; 4) Simon, b. 1848 Ohio.

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