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Fw: Sarah "Sinkler" dau. Richard "Sinkler" - Newmarket


I'm forwarding this mesage from the SINCLAIR-L@rootsweb.com mail list that
RW setup.

I'm not sure if this person is on THIS list.


-----Original Message-----
From: SunSkirt@aol.com <SunSkirt@aol.com>
To: SINCLAIR-L@rootsweb.com <SINCLAIR-L@rootsweb.com>
Date: Saturday, August 07, 1999 3:56 PM
Subject: Sarah "Sinkler" dau. Richard "Sinkler" - Newmarket

Dear List Members:

Hoping to learn more about one Sarah "Sinkler" whose h. 1758 is shown Nathan
"Preson"  This Sarah of Newmarket, with siblings, Nathaniel of Straham, Mary
(m. Theodore Hilton), of Newmarket.

Thank you.