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A grateful thanks to all those that replied to my request for information on 
the Bews/Sinclair Orkney link.
To Niven-thanks for those exciting historical snippets that led to much mirth 
in the Bews camp.They are hotly debating the merits of whether to be 
hobgoblins,dandies or otherwise.(Also while I have you on line-thanks for the 
very powerful poem of David Vedder's -'Orcadia'-Ive shared it around)
To Jack Brown-a very informative link.Thanks a million.The Orkney website 
www.familysearch.org was a goldmine,especially the database of Walt 
Custer's.I found six Bews/Sinclair intermarriages (inevitable really when you 
consider they were neighbours-and of course Sinclair women being so becoming)
To Milamba-dont get too excited.This Melbourne Sinclair is an NZ immigrant 
and working as a GP in Knox City-not related to your gathering.The Bews 
families are close friends and we were recently remarking on how history 
comes round in circles and astonishing patterns reemerge.This led to this 
research that because we were both Orcadians way back,our family friendship 
might be a pattern of an earlier historical link.Were still working on 
that-because it has now become extremely likely
Ross Sinclair