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Another Sinclair "Lacy" name

For Jean Grigsby and Amber

My immigrant g-grandfather, James Richard Monro Sinclair, had 11 children by
two wives (the sisters Moncreiff, of Edinburgh).  One of his younger sons,
Eugene Vallette
Sinclair, born in 1865, married Mary Lavinia "Lovie" Mason, born 1862 in
Columbia, KY.  They had five children in Nashville, the fourth one being
Lacy Percy Sinclair, born in 1897, died in 1983

Quoting from Lacy's autobiographical sketch, "The Saga of  Lacy P. and his
Irish ancestry", . . . ." I was named Lacy Percy Sinclair in honor of Dr.
Jno.T. Lacy, a Nashville dentist, and Percy David Mason, my mother's brother
of St Louis, MO.  In naming me "Lacy Percy". my parents failed to realize
that it was a couplet consisting of two successive words which rhyme,
causing me some discomfort  and forcing me to abbreviate my name to "Lacy
P." Later on in high school , my science teacher . . .
asked me if the "P" stood for Poindexter and I misinformed him that it did."

Since the author Sinclair Lewis was also named after his parents doctor, it
seems that a search for namesake people or places may not be fruitful in
terms of something most of us are familiar with.

cheers!   Ray Lower