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Re: Hudson Bay Co

To All Sinclairs in Southern Ontario:
We are honoured Clan at the Barrie Highland Games Saturday July 24th at the
Burls Creek Family Resort.
We have a few promised bodies but more would be great with which to march on
to the field.  Come to the Clan Sinclair Tent by 11:30 am and have a great
time .  Email me your intentions: rory.sinclair@accglobal.net
Yours aye.................rory
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From: Antonia Sinclair <asflwr@cujo2.icom.ca>
To: sinclair@jump.net <sinclair@jump.net>
Date: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 7:39 AM
Subject: Re: Hudson Bay Co

>Further to websites regarding the Hudson Bay Company, I found this link to
>Ontario Geneology Society site:
>I'm not sure what info. they have on their employees, but its worth a shot.
>I also know that there is a Hudson Bay Society, but don't know the
address.(somewhere in Winnipeg, Manitoba I think)
>There is also an association of the descendants of William Sinclair or
>and Nahowy, his Cree wife.  They are called the "Children of the Country".
>They have a newsletter, and are trying to organize a reunion in the year
>For anyone interested contact Neil Ray,:  harmony@icon.net.
>Hope this helps!
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