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So now that we are at last reaching an agreement upon certain aspects of the
St. Margaret, Edgar and William the Seemly history can I find someone in
Scotland who can put me in contact with the author of "St. Margaret Queen of
Scotland"?It was written in 1993 by Alan J. Wilson who was invited by the
St. Margaret's Chapel Guild to write the book.  It was published by John
Donald Publishers Ltd., 138 St. Stephen St. Edinburgh.

The author and Martin Harwood travelled to Hungary and throughout Britain to
research the book.  the Right Reverend Mario Conti, Bishop of Aberdeen has
given him encouragement and Prof. G. W. S. Barrow of Univ. of Edinburgh,
Chairman of the St. Margaret 900 Committee and Dr. Leslie Macfarlane of the
Univ. of Aberdeen are acquainted with the book.  He also mentions the Very
Reverend Dr. Ronald Selby Wright who gave inspiration for the work and
contributed the forword.
    Any of these people might know how to get in touch with Alan Wilson who
says that more documents might be found at Kiev about Margaret's background
now that Russia has opened it records.  So since the book was published,
there could be more information for us.  There may be some things that he
left out not having our viewpoint of the Sinclair history to evaluate their
importance.  WE NEED TO COMMUNICATE WITH MR. WILSON.   He has traveled all
over Hungary and researched this book from original sources.
    Can someone please help me with this???
Historian, Clan Sinclair USA