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AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [Kathy Sinclair Trappen]

Author:   Kathy Sinclair Trappen 
Reply-to: mailto:trappen@webnexus.com
Location: San Jose, CA USA
Date:     Saturday, June 26, 1999

I have entered comments before , but thought I try a new "view" and see if any of these names rings a bell for anyone.  My Great Grandfather is James Hampton Sinclair b 1853 in Ohio. He had 8 children.  His wife's name was Sarah Witmer.First child b1875 is Samuel Forester Sinclair, 2nd b 1877 Charlotte Sinclair, 3r b1878 Della Sinclair,  4th child b1880 Joanna Sinclair, 5th b 1882 James Alexander Sinclair, 6th b 1884 William Independance Sinclair, 7th  b1890 Catherine Sinclair, 8th b1892 Susan Sinclair.
The children were born in  Grant City ,MO. 

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