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Margaret Sinclair

I am attempting to find information about my Sinclair ancestors from Bury St Edmund, Suffolk county, England circa 1902. My maternal Grandmother was born there (I think) in 1896. She was orphaned at about 6 yrs of age and sent to Dashwood, Ontario, Canada to work on a farm, by the Barnardo Home Children Association.
We have no information whatsoever about her parents or ancestors except for the following:
1)her parents and a brother (possibly named Wilfred but unsure of this) were killed in an accident or died in a flu epidemic (she told conflicting stories about this...but then she was only 6)in Bury St Edmunds around 1902.
2) her name was Margaret or could have been Margarita or Margaret Rita 
That's all we know.

I would appreciate any information anyone might have about my grandmaother's family.

Thanks for listening(reading). Have a good day.

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