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Re: Earls and GEDCOM

Lena> You may very well open a GEDCOM file within Words for Windows.

Indeed, and other people can use the same GEDCOM in other environments,
to format the text in different ways, and to produce various charts.

Laurel> John,
Laurel>     Doesn't  Gedcom work only off of genealogy programs?

Nope.  See above.

Laurel>  These charts are
Laurel> made on Word for Windows so I don't think that will work.

So we'll need to get somebody to convert them into GEDCOM.

Laurel>  They are charts
Laurel> of the main line of Scandinavian, Norman and Baron/Earls with historical
Laurel> notes not great branching genealogy charts.

With GEDCOM we can make small charts, large charts, medium charts,
charts of just the barons, charts of just the earls, pedigree charts,
descendent charts, fancy charts, simple charts, etc.

Also, GEDCOM has a convenient method for indicating sources, in both
fine (per birth date, for example) and large (for an entire person) detail.

Laurel>     I have Henry, 5th Baron b.c. 1160 s/o William 4th Baron,m. Katherine
Laurel> Strathearn and Niven doesn't.  If we take him out, then there is a 60 year
Laurel> estimated span between William and Henry b.c. 1190 m. Margaret Marre.

There may be some question as to whether Henry b. 1160 was ever baron,
since his father lived until 1214.  Pete didn't have a death date for Henry
b. 1160, so it's hard to tell.

Laurel> Laurel

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