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Hi Niven:
It was in 'Roslin O' Roslin' , the Canadian rag that you saw this;
            Yours aye,  Rory
Dear John,

"Yours Aye" printed a brief summary of the six Sinclair Lords who currently hold seats in the House of Lords.  This
was prepared by Malcolm Sinclair, the present Earl of Caithness who also has a very detailed chart of his own lineage
and how his branch of the family (Mey) came to inherit the Earldom of Caithness.

My own geneaology of Prince Henry Sinclair (showing both his Norse and Norman ancestry) is considered (by no less
an authority than Dr Barbara Crawford, Professor of  Medieval Studies at St Andrews University) to be the best.

By copy of this e-mail, I am asking Ian Sinclair to send you a copy of these genealogies when he returns to Noss Head.  
Ditto to Mary Selver and Laurel Fechner so that the necessary additions to the web pages can be made.  These are
important documents which form the essential framework for a proper understanding of our family history.

We often talk about our family tree and, indeed, we are like a tree which needs feeder roots (going no deeper than the
18th Century) but which also has a tap root going back before the birth of Christ to our Scandinavian forefathers who
believed than Odin made the World.

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