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Re: Earls

>Last night as I was looking at material that Niven had sent and
>realized that he didn't have one of the Henrys that I have.  I checked
>Pete's book again and found that he has one more generation than Niven.
>Now this might be a case of (1) Niven dropped a generation (2) Pete made
>a mistake   (3) Pete stuck a brother in as a generation which might be
>correct if he was Baron for part of a year but maybe he wasn't.  If this
>is wrong than our numbering is getting closer.  Will be sending this off
>by mail to Niven soon.

Pete had one generation among the Barons of Roslin and Earls of Orkney
that he at one time listed as a brother and at another as a son.
I'm not entirely sure which one, but that may be what you've found.
Which Henry did you notice?

>  Can't send it by E-mail because my neat little
>columns get scrambled.  But I'm getting there.

GEDCOM is the best format for mailing to researchers,
since most genealogical programs can read it
and convert it into human-readable format.


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