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Re: "strange letters" and the Castle of Mey

>I think there must be some sort of variance in the email software people 
>are using.

Of course there is.  This is the Internet.  It is large and various.

>  It does happen quite often unfortunately (as a technician and 
>tech support person you see this all the time).   Yes, the message you've 
>quoted here John, is getting to a lot of people, but not to 
>all.  Personally, I get this:
>"> <><> <> <> <><> <> <> <><>DDoonnaalldd::&&nnbbsspp;; II hhaavvee aa S"
>and nothing else... others seem to be getting some html references within 
>the message...

Some mail systems are apparently failing when they see the unusual
characters.  Those characters were probably nothing but typos in the
first place.  Richard has sent many interesting messages in the past,
none of which had this sort of problem.

>It's not unusual for this kind of thing to occur within varying email 
>software, but it can be disconcerting for those who are not as 
>"technically" savvy as others.


>Thanks for inserting the message within yours - I wouldn't have been able 
>to read it otherwise! :)

You're welcome.

More people have unsubscribed from the list during the discussion over
this topic than during any other topic so far.

If this problem does recur in future, a polite message to the original
sender asking for a resend in plain text will probably do the trick.

Meanwhile, can we all consider this subject adequately addressed and move on.


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