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Re: Family tree of the Earls of Caithness and the Lords Sinclair

I believe that most of us would be very interested in family trees on
Sinclairs wherever they may have lived - France, Wales, England, Sweden,
US .........

Apparently there are some charts made out by hand and that's lovely but
I wonder in times of cyberspace, hackers and crackers are there not any
Sinclair databases? 

Personally I use Family Tree Maker and my base consists of 2 300 persons
from Harald (the one with the hair, I don't know what he is called in
English) 860-940 up to myself. 

When collecting information to add in my base I have not yet had the
time to double check the data but lets say 75 % is accurate. That is not
a bad figure as long as one does not claim the info to be facts. I
continuously work on the base, collecting more info and checking info
out to - in the end - produce a as correct as possible database. Is
there anyone out there doing the same? Or is it already done? I would
just love a database with 250 000 Sinclairs now living and their
millions and millions of ancestors.

Regards Lena
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