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Re: English Sinclairs

Th book "the Sinclairs of England".   was written by Thomas Sinclair.   It took me a while to even find that out and I know not much else about the man.  Over to you Niven!               rory
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From: Richard Lower <coqnord@goldstate.net>
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Date: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 7:29 PM
Subject: Re: English Sinclairs

The Morrison book concentrates on the origins of the St Clair/Sincler/Sinclair name and family in France, with much coverage of the immigrants of this name from Scotland in the 17 & 1800's to the U. S.  There are references to "Sinclairs in England" but these are primarily in connection with William and the Norman Invasion of 1066.
THe Sinclairs of England book has no author listed, which seems most unusual, but I'll bet Niven or someone with his background in this subject knows who wrote it.  It was published in London by Trubner & Co, Ludgate Hill in 1887. and the copy I have was a product of Ballantine Press, of London and Ediburgh.  It's a hard copy, and in very good condition.  When I have more serious time at my disposal, I will go through your message and see what I can find that might be helpful, then I will post the results on the Sinclair net for all to share.  Hope to do this in the next week, so keep tuned in.
With the arrival of "Sinclair" warriors from Normandy in 1066, I believe none could be called "Scots".  This begs the question "Did those who came to Wales became "Welsh Sinclairs?"  Etc, etc.  We'll get to the bottom of this eventually, but mainly I just hope to see your question answered, and that's really worth  the effort, right!
More later     Richard Ray Lower