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I would hope that you would seek to be educated as well as pedigreed ???

At some point , all genealogical searches must stop because of a lack of any 
more  " NAMES " !!

As for languages , I found it very useful to be able to speak French when I 
visited Rouen and  it is helpfull to be able to read the DECLARATION OF 
in the original Latin !!

As an American , I hate to see the " ugly American " image perpetuated , even 
by our " college graduates " who emerge from our Universities " credentialed 
, but not educated " and not yet blessed with the " social graces " necessary 
for a polite conversation with others having different point of view  !!

I also find the Scottish of my ancestors a beautiful and expressive language 
, although it took much listening to be able to enjoy it fully.

I hope you age into wisdom gracefully ??

JOE GREIGG --'S Rioghal Mo Dhream 

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