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Re: The Orkney Sinclairs

    You have traced your family back to about the same era as ours, however 
your family left Orkney about 100 years before mine.  Oldest known:
  JAMES SINCLAIR born 1789 died bef 1865 married BARBARA GROAT born 1805
                                    married in Sandwck ORKNEY
   Children:  Malcolm 
                 John christened 1818-  lived in Gard OK
                  James c1821
                    George c 1823  was postmaster St. Margaret's Hope Orkney
                      William c 1825    farmer Upper Olad Orkney
                        Isaac c 1827    farmer Lower Olad
                         Alexander c 1830   was in Galt Ontario Canada 1906
                           Robert c 1832    He was my gg-grandfather   lived 
                                                        Margaret's Hope South 
Ronaldsay ORKNEY
                                 Robert married Mary Sutherland Allan c 1833 
Swona Orkney
                                    They had 11 children, nine known:
                                         William 1862  settled NY then New 
                                          Catherine 1863 
                                           Mary Allan  1865
                                            Samuel  1867
                                              Margaret 1868
                                                 Robert 1869
                                                   John 1870
                                                     Jessie Jane 1873
                                                     Alexander 1872 to NY 
1902 (my g-grandfather)
                                                        married Mary Ann 
           Do any of these names or dates connect with yours?   
          From Mantoba where did your ancestors settle?  I have many pictures 
of unknown Sinclairs, several Portland, Vancouver.   Hope to find a 
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