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Martyr springs

>The statue of Saint Clair, over the Holy Well, has been
removed to the safety of the Church.  The well allegedly sprung from where
the blood of the martyr flowed.

One of Ingmar Bergman's films was called "The Virgin Spring"  It was based on
a play which I believe was based on a Norse legend about a young girl who was
raped and murdered.  A pure spring emerged at the site where she died.

I believe that I have run into this in another context - a martyr's death
place marked by the emergence of a pure spring of water.  I just tried doing a
web search and while I found some fascinating folklore sites, I did not find
information on this particular legend.  I am wondering if there is a
connection with St. Clare being connected with Norsemen & their applying some
of their cultural stories to him. 

Diane Hettrick
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