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Cornelia ---

The "" Society "" has a Mansion in Washington , D.C. , USA and a small staff, 
library , etc .

I last talked to them about a year ago but not on the topics that you 
inquired about .

I do not know of their E-Mail address , if any ??

By the way , I would start with the DAR and SAR libraries , since the "" 
Society "" is the pinnacle of the USA Revolutionary hereditary societies i.e. 
if one qualifies for it , then one by definition would be eligible for the 
others and they are more open in that their membership is not anywhere near 
as restrictive since the number of descendents per soldier or Loyalty Oath, 
etc. is available to all descendents 

DAR -- SEE --http://www.dar.org/
SAR -- SEE --http://www.sar.org/

In addition , for those that are interested, there is also  " The Sons Of 
Veterans " , which is the legal successor to the GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC.

SEE---- http://suvcw.org/home.html
SEE ALSO -- http://scv.org/
Hope you find these site interesting.

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