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This conversation about Richard the Lionhearted being imprisoned at Andelys
caught my attention because I had always pictured his captivity far to the
SE.  Three books say he  was captured by Leopold of Austria"whom Richard had
insulted during the siege of Acre.  Within a few weeks. Leopold had sold
Richard to Henry VI of Germany.  Richard stayed in captivity for a year
while Henry conducted an auction for the King's release.  One side of the
bidding was Richard, backed by the resources of the Angevin empire.  On the
other were Philip of France and Prince John, in 1193-4 allies in a partially
successful attempt to desmember Richard's continental possessions.  Richard
won, offering a ransom of 100,000 marks, the bulk of which was paid before
the king's release in Feb. 1194.  Such was the importance of Richard's
freedom that, on hearing fo the the deal with Henry VI, Philip II wrote to
John: "look to yourself: the devil is loose."
    Now there is no mention of Phillip ever getting his hands on Richard so
that he was imprisoned on French soil.  Have all these authors somehow left
this out???  Is there more to this story?

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