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Re: All the St.Clairs

At 08:52 09/06/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Thanking you for my history lesson this am and a good start for my day
>at work..
>Claire N. Simmons d. of Harold St.Clair Simmons, s of Marshall St,Clair
>Simmons, sof Marshall St.Clair Simmons, s. of Samuel St.Clair Simmons b.
>near Holt, Norfolk 1810 and still looking for my St.Clair Link...I have
>the motto over my garage doors ..en francais --Commend thy work to God. 
Dear Claire,

In our preoccupation with all things Scottish, we often forget the
Sinclairs of England who
within three generations of the Conquest, were to be found in 43 English
counties and in Wales.

The Sinclairs of Norfolk are mentioned in the Great Roll of the Pipe
1189-1190  when a
Ricardo de St Clair is recorded as being in possession of the lands of
Marlingford, Norfolk.

In 1196 they are noted as having been sold to a kinsman, Gerebert de Sco
Claro who appears
regularly in Palgrave's Ancient Calendars and Inventories 1195 - 1199 his
name being spelt with
considerable variation. (In documents we have found Sinclair spelt in 70
different ways.  If you
want me to list them I will.  They range from Seynt-Clere to Chantclere;
from Sancta Clara to
Sco Clero: from Sinklar to Zinklar).

If you need further information on the Sinclairs of Norfolk, let me have
your address and I'll send
the information to you.  Typing is not my forte.  Photocopying is.  I
suppose I could scan the pages
but it is difficult with large volumes.


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