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Re: Questions for Sinclair de la Behottiere

    Your comment about the Salle de Fete of Saint Clair-sur-Epte being built
entirely of wood from Norway with dragon heads on the gables was very
interesting.  I'm sure this could not be the original structure built in the
time of Rollo but when was it built?  It seems that the builders wanted to
keep that Norwegian connection very accurate.

    According to what I have read, Rollo, who was the ancestor to all the
St. Clairs and Sinclairs, was at the siege of Paris (from your list of major
Viking dates) 885-6 or 7.  This lasted on and off over a couple of years
with different groups of Vikings coming and going.
    You are correct.  St. Clair was not the ancestor of anyone.  But because
Rollo resided at the town/castle of St. Clair, his family name came from the
town's name.  This distinguished them from St. Clairs that then lived at St.
Lo or Falaise or elsewhere.
Laurel Fechner
Clan Historian USA

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