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Acadian/Cajun Links?

I was searching around following up on a couple of leads and came across an 
Acadian/Cajun genealogy page.

Not being familiar with this area of research, I had a thought that I might 
find St. Clair listed on their data base of surnames.  I was thinking of the 
French branches of the St.Clairs/Sinclairs, and the possibility of 
French/Norman/Brittany St. Clairs working their way down the Mississippi, 
etc. into the midwest and to New Orleans.

Neither St. Clair, nor any usual variation thereof, was on the list.  Can 
anyone share a bit of history about French branches of the St. Clairs?  I 
know I have seen mention of St. Clairs in the Midwest (e.g., Kansas, 
Nebraska) where it was noted that the individuals were French.  Do we have 
anyone on our list who has done some work on French lines?  Any connections 
to the Acadian research?

Chris Melahn
Kailua, Hawaii
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